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OzImages offers commercial photo users fast direct access to quality digital photography from 400+ international freelancers. OzImages is a co-operative of specialist photographers, with contributors based in over 50 countries, working in every imaginable field, covering an amazing array of subjects ... each with their own distinct photographic style.

OzImages offers a range of powerful photo research tools for photo buyers in a hurry, as well as entertaining options for anyone just wanting to browse the complete digital image collection for ideas and inspiration. At OzImages researchers and photographers deal direct ... creative-to-creative ... avoiding agency fees & commissions, and building productive business relationships.

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OzImages Images exists to showcase the work of independent photographers, and help them connect with photo buyers who will respect their craft and value their work.

For Photo Buyers we offer fast direct access to diverse collection of quality images via a cutting-edge platform, backed by old-fashioned personal service.

For Photographers we offer a simple but powerful web-based marketing package, that increases their exposure and reach, but still guarantees total control.

In a time when Fast-Food style stock photography is the norm, we take a step back and encourage real-person connections and foster long-term business relationships between the people who create the images and those who publish them.

At OzImages we understand our Photo Buyers (Clients) have a job to do, are usually in a hurry, facing deadlines and on a budget. So our services are designed to help you find what you need and then facilitate licensing in the shortest possible time.

We also appreciate our Clients are creative people with a genuine interest in photography. Many started out as photographers and most are happy to interact with the photographers here and develop long-term relationships with those people who create the images they use.

And experience tells us that most of our photo buyers are here because they're more interested in quality images, diverse content and personal service, than the fast-food style offerings of the mega libraries that now dominate our industry.

With all this in mind we've created a diverse co-operative of talented freelance photographers from every corner of the globe. We now have 400+ photographers working in all locations, shooting every subject imaginable, so photo buyers can find everything they need in one place.

At OzImages, when you find the image you need, you deal directly with the photographer, creative-to-creative, avoiding traditional research fees and agency commissions.

We have a simple Price Calculator & License Request system built into the platform, or a no-obligation Quote Request option if you prefer.

We also offer hands-free Photo Research service, where we'll do the searching for you, and either email you low-res comps from the results, or load everything we find to a Lightbox so you can look through them at your leisure.

Our platform includes intuitive tools that let you save any images of interest while you work, download proofing comps and share them with your own Clients & colleagues. We pride ourselves in offering a complete photo research tool kit, built on cutting-edge technology, backed by old-fashioned personal service.

What you wont find here are cheap and free images,
open-ended licensing and subscription downloads.

At OzImages we're in this for the long haul

We believe that photographers are entitled to fair & reasonable payment for the use of their images, and without that, they lose the incentive and the means to continue to create quality new photography.

We view the success of the discount super-stores and subscription libraries as temporary at best, and a phase that is doing untold damage to our industry. In any profit driven endeavour, continual downward pressure on prices must put a similar downward pressure on quality, content and diversity.

In simple terms, if photographers can't make a reasonable return for their effort & investment, they'll leave the stock photography industry and focus their attention elsewhere ...

And buyers will find it harder and harder to source the images they need.

The photo buyers who use our services generally understand that and are prepared to work with us to support and encourage those photographers on whose work they depend so heavily.

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At OzImages we believe photographers have been on the losing end of a bad deal for far too long. For all the promise of the internet and digital revolution, the reality is that most photographers find themselves doing more of the work for considerably less money, with little control over their businesses or their images.

Where stock libraries used to partner with their photographers, these days they answer only to their shareholders. They lack the imagination to compete on anything other than price, and most have locked themselves into a short-sighted race to the bottom.

Fortunately there is another option, and OzImages is living proof that photographers don't have to give their work away for peanuts or surrender their rights just to survive.

We have been working this model since 1998, and even after all that time, we're bringing in new Photo Buyers faster than ever.

  • These are Photo Buyers who value high quality, original photography and rely on it for their own livelihoods.
  • Buyers who realise they cannot have continued access to the images they need, if the photographers all walk away from stock.
  • Buyers who have tried the cheap options and discovered the deficiencies.
  • Buyers who are happy to pay fair and reasonable prices to access the images they need.

At OzImages we offer a complete business package that allows photographers to market their photography over the internet to a world of buyers, and to grow their stock photography business in a sustainable and profitable way.

We operate as a co-op; photographers working together to reduce our costs, increase our exposure and take back control.

We call it the 100% Photography Business

You keep 100% control of your photos. You decide who uses your photography, what they pay for it and what they do with it.

You have 100% access to your buyers. In any other industry this is a given, but in stock it's taboo ... except with OzImages.

You keep 100% of your sales. At OzImages we take no commissions on your sales, ever!

We're always looking for talented new freelancers to join our ranks, so if this sounds like a better option, please take a moment to review our Photographers Information section. You'll find a full presentation, detailed contributors guidelines and answers to any questions you might have.

Selling Stock Photos With OzImages

Documentation & All The Legal Stuff

As a Business-2-Business service provider, we have a number of legal and ethical obligations, so you'll find links to the inevitable fine-print in the footer of this page.

For those who have a tendency to skip over the long-winded legal stuff, we've also included a plain-English summary below.

Please Note: This is offered as a convenience and an overview ... and you should take all reasonable care, read the official documents in full, and if in any doubt whatsoever, seek professional advice.

Website Terms & Conditions

BY using the OzImages International website, you acknowledge that all photographs are the legal property of the respective photographers. They are not to be used without the explicit consent of the photographer. There are no free images here.

We also offer a selection of non-Photographic content, in particular blog posts, articles, videos and ebooks. These are offered for your personal use only and my not be reproduced, sold or otherwise distributed without our express permission.

We offer a number of forums where visitors, Clients and Members can post content of their own. We do not accept any responsibility for that content. We do monitor these forums as best we can and we do reserve the right to remove any content without notice or consultation, but you read these forums at your own risk.

We offer a variety of downloads -- software, ebooks, videos etc -- that we believe to be safe and virus free, but it is your responsibility to scan anything you download, and ensure it is safe to use on your system.

We make no official endorsement of any product or service on this site. We may pass on personal recommendations from time to time but it is your responsibility to perform your own due diligence and evaluate the product or service for yourself.


We have a published Privacy Policy to advise you about how we collect, use, and protect any Personally Identifiable Information you provide.

We only require minimal personal information for you to register to use our services, as a Photo Buyer or as a Photographer. This is used to identify you as you move around the website, save your preferences and allow you to use various interactive functions. It also allows you to login at a later date and not have to start over.

There are other places where you'll be prompted for additional personal information that is required to complete specific business transactions between photographers, photo buyers and OzImages.

You can choose not to provide certain information, but you may not be able to take advantage of our complete package of services and features.

We use Cookies to store visitor preferences and record session information, and to customize Web page content based on visitors' browser type or other information that the visitor sends.

We do not share any of this information with any other organisation or individual. We store it securely and take your privacy very seriously.

We encourage you not to share the passwords & usernames associated with your account.

We do not provide services or sell products to children under the age of 18.

If you submit info to a publicly available profile page, you acknowledge that the info is going to be freely available to anyone visiting our website. The internet being what it is, you accept that said info may be mined, copied or syndicated to other websites by third-parties beyond our control.

Therefore, you should not publish any information you consider personal, private or otherwise sensitive.

Email & SPAM

OzImages International conducts a lot of it's business via email, so we make every effort to ensure our activities are not considered intrusive or abusive to those who make use of our services.

Emails Sent From OzImages Admin

OzImages keeps in touch with our registered users -- Clients, Members and Pending Members -- via newsletters. You may opt-out of those newsletter at any time.

We also reserve the right to contact any users with important updates & one-off announcements outside the newsletter structure. If you wish to opt-out of those, you should contact Admin to cancel your account.

OzImages also uses autoresponders to share additional information. These are entirely optional and every message sent in this manner will always contain a simple unsubscribe option.

Clients may receive automatic responses to their actions on the OzImages website. Certain actions might also initiate an appropriate Photographer/Member response. These are assumed to be pre-approved by the Client.

Member Photographers are required to make at least one valid email address available at all times. That address is never made publicly available on the OzImages website, but is used for all member contacts.

While all care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for misleading, fraudulent, abusive or offensive emails sent by third-parties via the OzImages website. The onus is on the Member to substantiate the details and respond accordingly.

OzImages' core service is to provide a platform for business-to-business contacts between a large number of photographers and an even larger number of photo buyers, so by definition we are going to generate a large volume of email.

So basically we're looking for common-sense and simple courtesy. We rely heavily on email and unnecessary spam complaints hurt everyone. So if you have any concerns at all, please check with us.





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