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Abstracts & Backgrounds

Stock Photography By John L Coombes

Details in images fascinate me. Often the close up view of an object coveys a message more clearly than a generalised view. These are some of my favourites.

Tree Bark Backdrop
© John L Coombes
Water on Rock Wall
© John L Coombes
Rock Puddle Close ups
© John L Coombes
Rock Cave closeup
© John L Coombes
Old Rusty Water Tank
© John L Coombes
Mossy plant backdrop
© John L Coombes
Moss and Lichen closeup
© John L Coombes
Chinese Jar closeup
© John L Coombes
Grandfather plant
© John L Coombes
Old Barn Wall with closeup of
© John L Coombes
Red Glass Vases close up
© John L Coombes
The Hinge
© John L Coombes
© John L Coombes
Macro of Rust formation
© John L Coombes
Close up of a rusty horseshoe
© John L Coombes
Autumn Leaves
© John L Coombes


Photo Captions for Abstracts & Backgrounds

Image #1. Tree Bark Backdrop Tree closeup of the bark

Image #2. Water on Rock Wall Water and Moss formed on a rock wall

Image #3. Rock Puddle Close ups Rock Puddle with Colour of the rock and water shades

Image #4. Rock Cave closeup Rock Cave and Texture of Rock closeup

Image #5. Old Rusty Water Tank Rusty Water Tank Closeup with Rust colours through

Image #6. Mossy plant backdrop Mossy Plant backdrop

Image #7. Moss and Lichen closeup Moss and Lichen closeup on a tree

Image #8. Chinese Jar closeup Patern closeup of Chinese Jar and lettering

Image #9. Grandfather plant Grandfather plant closeup

Image #10. Old Barn Wall with closeup of old nail Old Wall and Nail with Colur of Moss on the Wall

Image #11. Red Glass Vases close up Glass Vases close up showing colour and handles

Image #12. The Hinge Hinge on an old gate

Image #13. Waterfalling Waterfalling backdrop

Image #14. Macro of Rust formation Close up of rust on an old wine barrell

Image #15. Close up of a rusty horseshoe Rust of an old horseshoe

Image #16. Autumn Leaves Autumn leaves and colours


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