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Fish & Fishing - Working boats of Tasmania

Stock Photography By John L Coombes

These fishing boats have been going to sea in all types of weather not only to feed the Australian population, but to create valuable export dollars for our economy.The relics and remains of the early years of the industry sit alongside the fishing vessels of today.

More Crays to Unload
© John L Coombes
The Sunken Trawler Strahan
© John L Coombes
Unloading Crays
© John L Coombes
The Slipway long gone
© John L Coombes
The Wreck
© John L Coombes
Another rotting wreck
© John L Coombes
The Fishing Fleet in Victoria
© John L Coombes
Unloading the Cray Catch
© John L Coombes
The Cray Boat
© John L Coombes
One of Tasmania's Working
© John L Coombes
Cray Boat returning to Port at
© John L Coombes
Tasmania's Working Fishing
© John L Coombes


Photo Captions for Fish & Fishing - Working boats of Tasmania

Image #1. More Crays to Unload Crays being Uloaded from a Boat

Image #2. The Sunken Trawler Strahan The Sunken Remains of a Trawler

Image #3. Unloading Crays Unloading Crays on Strahan Dock

Image #4. The Slipway long gone The repair slipway now gone and rusting away

Image #5. The Wreck Wrecked trawler

Image #6. Another rotting wreck Rotting Fishing Boat wreck

Image #7. The Fishing Fleet in Victoria Dock The Fishing Fleet in Victoria Dock

Image #8. Unloading the Cray Catch Unloading the Cray Catch at Strahan

Image #9. The Cray Boat The Cray Boat Berthed at Strahan Tasmania

Image #10. One of Tasmania's Working Fishing Boats Moored fishing boat reflected

Image #11. Cray Boat returning to Port at Strahan Cray Boat Returning to Port

Image #12. Tasmania's Working Fishing Boats Fishing boats moored in Hobart harbour, Tasmania


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