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Cycle Classic Hunter Valley

Stock Photography By John L Coombes

The Entoure Cycle Classic Hunter Valley is fast becoming the premier cycle event for both amateurs and experienced cyclists. The event takes place over 3 days between Friday April 30th and Sunday May 2nd.

Two modes of Bikes
© John L Coombes
The Peloton Moves through
© John L Coombes
The Ride Continues
© John L Coombes
The Main Peloton
© John L Coombes
Arrival in Wollombi
© John L Coombes
Setting out on the next Bike
© John L Coombes
Preparing for the Ride
© John L Coombes
More Departures continuing the
© John L Coombes
Spare Bikes at the Ready
© John L Coombes
Wheels of Bicycles
© John L Coombes
More of the Peloton
© John L Coombes
Lone Bike
© John L Coombes
Two Minutes after the Tyre
© John L Coombes
Checking for Traffic
© John L Coombes
Bicycles lined up on the fence
© John L Coombes
Changing The Front Wheel
© John L Coombes
Cycilist arrive in Wollombi
© John L Coombes
Bike Riders feet and Their
© John L Coombes
Awaiting Riders
© John L Coombes
Tony Abott in Wollombi
© John L Coombes


Photo Captions for Cycle Classic Hunter Valley

Image #1. Two modes of Bikes Two Modes of Bikes

Image #2. The Peloton Moves through Wollombi The Peloton moves through Wollombi

Image #3. The Ride Continues The Ride Continues

Image #4. The Main Peloton The Main Peloton

Image #5. Arrival in Wollombi Arrival in Wollombi

Image #6. Setting out on the next Bike Leg after Lunch Setting out after Lunch

Image #7. Preparing for the Ride Preparing for the Ride

Image #8. More Departures continuing the Ride More Cyclists continue the ride

Image #9. Spare Bikes at the Ready Spare Bikes on top of the pursuit car at the Ready

Image #10. Wheels of Bicycles Wheels of Bicycles

Image #11. More of the Peloton More of the Peloton

Image #12. Lone Bike Awaiting Riders

Image #13. Two Minutes after the Tyre Change Two Minutes After the Tyre Change

Image #14. Checking for Traffic Checking for Traffic

Image #15. Bicycles lined up on the fence Bikes lined up along the fence

Image #16. Changing The Front Wheel Changing the Front Wheel

Image #17. Cycilist arrive in Wollombi Cyclist Arrive in Wollombi

Image #18. Bike Riders feet and Their Bikes Bike Riders feet and their Bikes

Image #19. Awaiting Riders Awaiting Riders

Image #20. Tony Abott in Wollombi Tony Abott in Wollombi


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