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Stock Photo Search Instructions

Use the search form below to search for photos in the OzImages digital stock photography collection, featuring 200k+ quality stock images from 400+ international freelance photographers.

When you enter your keyword(s) you will be taken to a page of thumbnail preview images that best match your search terms. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photograph and take further actions.

This stock photo search is designed to be simple and intuitive, and doesn't required any complex search techniques. You can modify & refine your searching using the following options:

Any Keywords is a quick and easy way to see what's available. Our search engine will look for all images that match any of the keywords you enter, and attempt to order them by relevance. By definition this is a loose match search but it will normally return the best matching images on the first 1-2 pages.

You can tighten your search by selecting All Keywords, which will to limit the images that will be shown to those that have a match to all the words you enter. This will usually reduce the number of results found significantly.

Exact Phrase searches are tighter again, and will only return images that have the keywords you enter in the exact phrase format. This can be handy when you need stock images of very specific subjects, with a well known name or description, but not recommended for most searches.

You can also refine your search by selecting various format criteria from the drop down menus to meet your requirements. Generally most images are available as digital files, formatted to your specs, so this is not such an issue any more.

Advance Photo Search Tips

This feature is still under construction but will be enabled shortly.

Licensing Images For Use

All images on this library are readily available for commercial use after payment of a fair and reasonable license fee to the photographer.

The license is usually Rights Managed, meaning it is calculated based on the intended use and the image selected. Once you have located an image you might wish to use, you need to submit a few details of the intended use so we are able to supply a quote quickly and accurately.

Simply click the Request A Quote button/link beside any image and it will be added to a lightbox for you. Once you have all the images you need, View Your Lightbox and then Get a Quote On All Images.

We will get back to you soon after with a no-obligation quote for a license to use the image in a way you have specified. Please be sure to complete the Request a Quote form fully and accurately, so we in turn can quote quickly and fairly.

Free & Cheap Images

Please note: There are no free images on this site! If you are looking for free or cheap photos, you are in the wrong place. Please save yourself and our photographers some time and look elsewhere.

If you are looking for Royalty Free images you may also be disappointed. We offer a Rights Protected licensing system in order to ensure reasonable payment for our photographers and the best possible deal for our Photo Buyers.

What a lot of Photo Buyers don't always realise is that with Royalty Free Licensing you're purchasing blanket rights to use an image in any way you like .... forever. Most people just don't need that level or length of use so you are actually paying for a whole lot more than you will ever use.

If you have come looking for Royalty Free we suggest you find the images you want and Request A Quote to license them Rights Managed. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!


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